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GoMeddo Pre-Sales Central overview

Welcome to the GoMeddo Pre-Sales Central, your central hub for GoMeddo pre-sales materials!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out for any questions, requests, or general feedback!

Start here!

1. Demo Options | What are your options?

2. Preconfigured Trial | Download a brand new, standalone, preconfigured GoMeddo demo org

3. Demo Kit | Install and configure GoMeddo in your own org

4. GoMeddo Extensions | Easily configure our extensions for your demo


Estimating a GoMeddo implementation | What to consider when estimating a GoMeddo implementation

GoMeddo Discovery Questions | Some guidelines on typical questions to ask during a GoMeddo discovery


GoMeddo Partnerships | How to partner with us


GoMeddo 'How-to' video series | Quickly see how to configure something

GoMeddo Demo videos | Become inspired

Additional Resources

Resources | Any additional resources you need for your presentation and/or demo: slide decks, logos, etc

Pre-Sales Support | Quickly get the support you need to create your demo (or any other questions you might have)

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